The Keely Collective is a graphic & textiles design service and print shop.

We specialize in fashion branding identity and development & Textiles repeat print patterns we also provide a print library of non-exclusive prints for sale.

About The Keely Collective

We are a Graphics & Textiles Design Studio, that provides an end-to-end service specialising in Brand Identity and pattern creation. We create custom prints and also offer an online print library.

We create unique and aesthetically strong designs, Patterns and Illustrations for clients in the fashion, sportswear, and homeware industries. We believe graphics and textile design should be able to evoke a feeling of connection and familiarity with the essence of a brand as soon as you see it. Think of us as problem solvers to help visually convey, conceptualise and support your creative vision and bring it to life.

It’s important as designers that we have the ability to communicate, both verbally and visually to create work that conveys a brand’s vision and solves problems while keeping up with current trends. We love working with brands to craft and collaborate ideas to create engaging unique design stories that are true to the brand’s identity.

We also work with new brands to create a brand identity that helps start your storytelling process of each individual client’s ‘Why’ and what makes them unique. We love seeing creatives transform their dreams into reality.

We like to make thing easy for you! By displaying your chosen designs into visual sketches, with several color alternatives.

About The Founder Keely Spedding

Hi, I’m Keely, graphics & textiles designer and creative director of The Keely Collective. I have had a love for fashion and art since I was a little girl drawing and creating, obsessed with my mother’s wardrobe of clothes and finding my own unique style, never wanting to look like everyone else. This is where my love of fashion, art, and design started.

I have been lucky enough to be able to travel and experience fashion and unique expressions of other cultures and the influence they have on the fashion and design industry. Finding inspiration in everything that is new to me, I am an inspiration-seeker who loves a creative challenge.

I have completed extensive studies in Fashion Design – Certificate II (Metropolitan South), Diploma of Graphic Design (Southbank Institute of Technology), Certificate IV in Photoimaging (RMIT) and a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Textiles and Graphics (the University of New South Wales Art and Design). I have also spent many years working as a graphic designer before coming back to my biggest passion fashion and textiles design. I am committed to helping my clients to transform their dream designs and concepts into reality.

My patterns are intricately illustrated with various mediums, such as hand drawings, watercolour painting, photography and digital manipulations. I have found inspiration traveling the world, travel photography to inspire unique colour combinations, from the nature around me, visiting vintage markets, book stores, old movies, fashion runways, magazines and exploring all of nature’s intricacies. I aim to push creative boundaries, with specific attention to precision and execution.


I am a big supporter of environmentally conscious and sustainable fashion brands. I believe that rather than striving for sustainability to be a point of difference, we should strive for change within the textiles industry and make changes when we can so that it becomes the norm in the industry. I believe being open and completely transparent with my clients it is so important in developing a strong client connection.


Founder Keely Spedding

Textiles & Graphics Designer At the Keely Collective


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